Insurance Repairs

Nominate Accurate Caravan Repairs to be your choice of repairer. Keeping you informed throughout the entire process, we will guide you through ensuring it is as simple and efficient and possible.


Servicing & Repairs

Our Platinum Service and first class repairs ensure you are safely back on the road for your next adventure.


Parts & Accessories

The Accurate Caravans showroom has a wide range of parts and accessories for your RV.

Accurate Caravan Repairs are seasoned professionals when it comes to repairing your RV back to its former glory or better.


All our repairs are fully guaranteed and professionally conducted by our trained technicians.


Accurate Caravan Repairs work closely with your insurer to ensure the best possible practices, repair technicians and parts are used in your RV’s repair process.


Accurate Caravan Repairs through dedication to the industry and the “never be happy with second best” attitude, have established an unrivalled reputation among insurers and competitors as Brisbane’s number one repairer for all types of RV repairs.


We repair and service all styles of RV: e.g. Camper trailer, Caravan, Campervan, Motorhome, Horse Floats, Coffee/ Food vans, and Fifth wheeler. Our facilities are large enough to accommodate the largest of RV’s. We also provide gas certificates, road worthy certifications, solar panels, electrics, upholstery, chassis/ suspension, and custom modifications.


Call us with your insurance claim number and we will send our representative to you, so an estimate can be prepared for your insurer.


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Ask us about our Free Pick Up and Delivery service (Distance limitations apply).

Accurate Caravan Repairs provide a comprehensive servicing schedule.


We provide all serviced vehicles with a written check sheet that states the condition of your vehicle.


With our dedicated servicing bay and hoists there is nothing that we can’t find or service on your RV.


Whatever your service or repairs needs, Accurate Caravans can help you stay on the road and enjoy hassle free holidays.


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Accurate Caravans have a wide range of accessories and parts available for you to purchase and inspect.


Come in and see some of our fast-moving items, toilet chemicals, hatch lids, bearings, brakes and awning parts.


We have very competitive pricing across all our parts, so if were dearer that a local competitor we will do what we can to match the price or beat it.


Also, if we don’t have what you are looking for, there is a good chance we can get it the same day.


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Motorhome & Caravan Repairs Brisbane

Accurate Caravan Repairs Brisbane should be considered your first-choice repairer.


Your insurance company gives you choice of repairer, so this means you only need one quote as Accurate Caravans is an Insurance Approved Repairer.


On a private level we aim to exceed all expectations and quality that our customers deserve.


We like to estimate the cost of repairs before commencing with private repairs, this allows ourselves and you the customer make sure that we are both heading in the same direction, If there is changes of any additions to the repairs discussed we will notify you prior to proceeding further.


As a valued customer we like to involve you in the repair process as much as you would like to be involved, e.g. some customers like to see the condition of the timber frame (we take photos or invite you in for a workshop inspection) and some customers just want the repairs completed and finalised ASAP, we work with you!


Accurate Caravan Repairs will earn the reputation as the number one repair team for you and your friends.


We have built a dedicated, reliable team of professionals that enjoy the outdoors like you.


With an understanding of our personal challenges, requirements and solutions when we adventure outdoors.


We can help you with any questions you may have about your travellers and answer them with confidence experience.


That’s the advantage you get when become a part of the Accurate Caravans Repair Team, we understand how important it is for you to get the right advise when getting your caravan or motorhome ready for your next adventure or relaxing break.


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Accurate Caravans guarantees the quality of their workmanship. All our staff are experts in the field, providing top quality motorhome and caravan repairs in Brisbane. So whether you’re in need of servicing, repairs, or parts, Accurate Caravans can help you out. Our friendly team are committed to working closely with our customers to ensure your caravan or motorhome runs smoothly. Better yet, Accurate Caravans work closely with insurance companies to ensure repairs and claims are processed efficiently.

Working with all
Major Insurers

Accurate Caravan’s works closely with your insurance company to insure your RV is repaired to the highest standard. With precise and fast claims process, we know what your insurance company needs to process your claim efficiently.

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